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Who are your “experts”?

Project, program, portfolio, management
Who do you consult before making a decision?

“There is nothing so stupid as an educated man, if you get him off the thing he was educated in.” Will Rogers

“No man can be a pure specialist without being in the strict sense an idiot.” George Bernard Shaw

I was watching the news yesterday and was surprised to see a cute 16 year old Swedish girl testifying in front of the United Nations. I watched her speech and was impressed with her presence and passion, but I could really have cared less what she had to say. I was a little shocked at the thunderous applause she received at the end of her speech, and even more surprised to hear the news analysis describing her profound observations.

If you step back from the issue (tough, I know!) and look at what actually transpired, you can’t help but wonder what is going on! Climate change is an important issue to be sure, and we actually have educated adults who have literally spent their entire lives studying the issue. But do we ask them to give a speech at the United Nations?


And what about all the children marching in the streets “protesting” climate change? Are they really educated about the issue?


Over the past several years I have heard a constant drumbeat from the media about climate change being and “existential threat” to humanity! Everyone who even questioned their proposed solutions, much less the conclusions and the science behind it were called “climate deniers!” As if to have a different opinion was akin to religious blasphemy! That is certainly an odd position.

So given the high stakes, who are we being told to listen to? At the United Nations of all places. Literally the least qualified group of people in the world! Uneducated children.


Who does a project manager rely on to help develop the Project Management Plan? Experts.

Who does the project manager rely on to do the work of the Project Management Plan? Experts.

Who does the project manager rely on to report on the progress of the Project Management Plan? Experts.

So, who are your experts? Are they highly educated subject matter experts? Or are they the functional equivalent of elevated children? A good project manager will determine that quickly.


What is truth? Are there absolute truths, or are we living in a world or relativism? I like to believe that there are absolute truths, but as I am typing this I am watching a news show, and it is amazing to me how so many reporters are ignoring what is documented truth and “spinning it” to support their world view. Where is the honor and journalistic integrity? How sad.


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