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I have personally done business with all the sites below and can attest to the quality of their product!  Please click on the icon to see their excellent sites!
SeaClutch is an innovative product that every yacht and RV owner needs!  If you have a boat or camp, you need to check out this innovative new product.  On sale now with great pricing!

We are a personal online advertising company that becomes a virtual extension of your marketing department.  Working with us allows you the freedom to focus on what you do best while we make your online brand come alive.  Digital marketing is what we do.  Allow us to become a strategic partner for your business.

Anna is a great realtor and a great friend!  She has a successful history of working in the real estate industry and also has a background in mortgages, so she can help you with anything!
Melange Amazon store
Fantastic online Amazon store!  Mike is a highly talented CAD/CAM designer and has a variety of interesting items on his site.  If you don't like what you see, he can probably make it for you!  He did the design work on my patented product, the SeaClutch!  
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