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A Project Management Blog for everyone!

Welcome to my blog!

You can see who I am and my credentials, and I can assure you that I have deep experience in Project, Program, Portfolio and Data Management.

So what are we going to talk about here? We are going to discuss everything related to the topics above!

How do Executives manage projects when that isn't their training?

What is "Organizational Project Management"?

What is Configuration Management?

How do you implement an effective Risk Management Program?

What is "Big Data"?

What is "Data Science"

What is a Program?

What is a Portfolio?

Does it make a difference?

We are going to cover these and a wide variety of topics! Sometimes it will be strategic, and sometimes it will as detailed as Earned Value calculations. (Earned Value?? What's that?)

So please come back and check regularly - there is no telling what topics I will be covering!


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